Financially Viable

Enjoy no out of pocket expense for overhead, equipment, insurance, training and more that comes with having internal staff. We can complete the job for a fraction of the cost of in-house employees.

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It might seem like more effort and energy than it’s worth to outsource high visibility projects. Once you review the cost and to do list for hiring in house employees, it’s quite clear why outsourcing is considered a financially viable alternative. A quick task list to hire an employee may include:

  • Locate, hire and train a qualified employee
  • Compensate for employee wages and benefits
  • Provide a physical workspace
  • Provide technology equipment
  • Pay communications costs

Compensation packages can add up quickly, but it doesn’t stop there. In addition to health insurance, unemployment, and some of the other common benefits you may provide to your staff, you need to take into account costs that will occur due to:

  • Scheduled vacations and paid holidays
  • Unscheduled sick days
  • Unscheduled Family leave
  • Maternity leave

When companies choose to outsource, the check list is simple to complete:

  • Locate a vendor (and if you’re reading this on our site, then you’ve already completed that task!)
  • Pay the vendor for the services (we’ll send you invoices, all you have to do is cut a check!)

We guarantee that we can succesfully complete your project for less cost than an in-house employee. Not sure if you believe it?  Contact us for a free and no obligation quote on your next upcoming project.