We're a collaboratively creative team and love all aspects of the apparel design process. Check out all we can do and let us know if our services are a good match for your next project.

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The Complete Package

Whether your apparel design & merchandising needs are for a full collection or individual styles, we’ll create a custom package just for you.  Need help getting your product made?  Our product development and sourcing knowledge could prove beneficial.  We can also put your catalog together, or provide business consulting if you need general guidance and advice.

Whether you need design for a few specific styles or an entire collection, we can help bring fresh ideas to the table. Just need some silhouette inspiration or some new placed prints? We can do that too.

  • Concept / Trend Boards
  • Color Story Development
  • Trim (button, zipper, etc) Design
  • Unique Silhouette Design

We pride ourselves on compiling thorough tech packs to ensure your products are developed to meet your expectations. Our extensive knowledge about fit and construction ensure your designs are made to spec.

  • Tech Pack Creation & Updating
  • Vendor Submit Review & Approval
  • Proto Review & Fit Sample Fittings
  • Vendor Communication & Management

Creation of a well merchandised line can be crucial to maximum success and sell through. We will ensure your final assortment contains just the right grouping of designs, colors and silhouettes.

  • Company Sales Goals
  • SKU Assortment & Line Planning
  • Inventory Needs
  • Merchandising Strategies

We’ll make sure you are matched with the right factory based on your quality standards, lead time, and budgetary needs. We have established working relationships with various manufacturers worldwide.

  • International Manufacturing Resources
  • Cost Negotiation
  • Payment Term Negotiation
  • Shipping & Packaging Specifications

Many businesses may need guidance, advice and support to bring their product to market. With our experience in a variety of apparel markets, we will help you through all phases of the product cycle.

  • Short & Long Term Goal Definition
  • Time & Action Calendar
  • Budget & Margin Analysis
  • Competitive Market Research

You may need support with a few small pieces or the design of an entire catalog. All of these elements are essential to a cohesive collection. We can provide you with design services to match your needs.

  • Label / Hangtag Design
  • Print / Textile Design
  • Photo Shoot Art Direction
  • Catalog Design / Layout