Line Merchandising

Creation of a well merchandised line can be crucial to maximum success and sell through. We will ensure your final assortment contains just the right grouping of designs, colors and silhouettes.

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You can’t always go to market with every great idea. There are budgetary parameters and merchandising strategies that you’ll want to adhere to. We’ll work with you to evaluate your needs and goals.

  • What are your sales goals for the collection?
  • How many SKUs do you need?
  • What production quantities are ideal to proceed with based on budget and market demands?

Whether you’re an established company or a startup working on your first collection, these are critical questions. We will help you determine the answers to ensure you adhere to budget and inventory goals.

  • Company Sales Goals
  • SKU Assortment & Line Planning
  • Inventory Needs
  • Merchandising Strategies